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Duration: 2 Nights 3 Days (Camping)

Price: The specified price is per person, based on seat pricing.

Tour Dates: April 10 - May 10 - June 10 - July 10 - August 10 - September 10

Number of Participants:

  • The minimum number of participants is 3, excluding the off-road vehicle driver.
  • Private tours can be arranged with 4 or more participants.
  • When there are 4 or more participants, the tour fee is divided by the number of participants.


  • Camping includes 2 nights of stay.
  • Tents are for 2 persons.
  • Participants can stay in a single-person tent by paying an additional fee.
  • Campsite facilities include showers, toilets (wc), and Wi-Fi.


  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the price.
  • Beverages (except water) are subject to an extra charge.


  • The tour is conducted in Turkish and English.
  • An additional language option can be added for 5+ participants.

Participant Rules:

  • Participants who do not comply with the rules and disturb other participants may have their tours canceled.
  • Participants whose tours are canceled do not receive a refund.

Weather Conditions:

  • Tour planning may change depending on weather conditions.
  • Our company is not responsible for possible changes or disruptions.
  • Changes to the route may occur based on changing weather and terrain conditions.

OFFROAD Program:

  • There is a daily 6-hour driving program.
  • Breaks, meals, and other free times are included in this period.
  • The program may change depending on terrain, weather, and road conditions.
  • The off-road tour includes challenging terrain conditions with possibilities of mud, rain, snow, and water exposure.
  • During the journey, participants may encounter wild horses, national parks, local wildlife, forests, seas, lakes, rivers, and mountains. The routes may include trails, mountain roads, rivers, forests, deserts, and national parks.


  • The tour route includes Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys, Kayseri Wild Horses, Desert Lake, Sultansazlığı Bird Paradise, Niğde, Aladağlar National Park.

OFFROAD Vehicles and Equipment:

  • Off-road modified, fully equipped vehicles such as Nissan Patrol, Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • Vehicles are equipped with winches, anti-roll systems, snorkels for water crossings, lift kits, 4-wheel drive systems, detailed lighting projectors, off-road tires, emergency intervention kit, first aid kit, shovel, shovel, ax set, tying and towing kit, mud rescue tools, forward and reverse viewing systems.

Special Requests and Organizations:

  • For corporate and group organizations, you can contact company representatives for special tour requests.

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*Kadost JEEP Safari Activity Permit: Nevşehir İKTM. KAZETOUR / 7315

*We are waiting for you to discover Cappadocia with JEEPs. A long journey, a unique experience for adventure and OFFROAD lovers. We visit the Cappadocia Valleys step by step with JEEPS. Join us now.

* It is possible to arrive early or late in our tour programs, 10-15 minutes. The time for the break and photo shooting is included in the tour

* JEEP SAFARI is prohibited in our programs, so the valleys are not entered. Steep ups / downs, risky roads are not included in our tour route. Tour cruise speed is determined by our tour leaders. Our JEEP tours are held on the roads permitted by the authorities.

* Guests between the ages of 14-17 can join the tour. With the consent of the parent and as a passenger.

* Driverless car rental is not available.

* 1JEEP is for 6 people. We use vehicles in captiva, land, nissan patrol, mitsubishi brands.

* Our company is not responsible for valuable items lost during the tour





*1 DAY

* Our jeep safari tour, which starts from Kadost Göreme facilities, passes Swords Valley on the Swords Valley dirt roads.

*Our jeep safari tour, which continues on the dirt roads of Swords Valley, goes to the eastern slope of the Love Valley.

*We are going to Uçhisar Town by jeeps from the east of Love Valley. When we come to the panoramic area called Potuk Burun, we take a break here.

-About Potukburnu: Potukburnu, located on the eastern slope of the Love Valley, is a central hill overlooking most of the Goreme Valleys and balloon launch areas. Kılıçlar Valley, Güllü Valley, Kızılçukur, Aktepe, Çavuşin Town and many other regions can be easily seen from this hill. It is one of the most popular stopover areas of jeep safari tours.

*After the Potukburnu jeep safari stop, our jeeps pass from the Uçhisar Cevizli region to the western part of the Love Valley. From the paths here, jeeps descend to the panorama point in the view of Love Valley. Love Valley panorama is an area overlooking the valley. At sunset, the Love Valley presents a wonderful view.

-About Love Valley: The other name of Love Valley is Baglidere Valley. The 3.5 km long valley starts from Uçhisar Town and ends in Göreme. The valley is a canyon formed by erosion over millions of years. In the part of the valley that ends in Göreme, there are fairy chimneys of the Love Valley. Vehicles are not allowed to enter the valley. We use the right and left slopes of the Love Valley canyon in our Jeep Safari tours. At sunset, the valley of love takes on a wonderful view.

* Our Cappadocia Jeep safari tour continues to the White Valley after the Love Valley. White Valley is white in color due to the limestone in its soil.

*Our jeeps move to the starting point of Rose Valley after visiting White Valley. Rose Valley is an area where balloons take off and land in the morning hours. There are caves eroded by rain waters in Rose Valley and the most beautiful examples of natural structures are found in this valley.

*Our jeep safari tour continues from Rose Valley to Swords Valley. Swords Valley was named Swords Valley because of its pointed fairy chimneys. 6.7 in the Valley of the Swords. It contains the remains of a historic village dating back to the 19th century. Somewhere in this ruin is the Monastery of Girls from the 9th century. There are also many dovecotes in the valley.

*Our jeeps visiting Ortahisar Red Valley take a break to take photos and videos here. It takes a red color with the oxidation of the iron in the Red Valley soil. Starting from the lower part of Aktepe, Red Valley turns red at sunrise and sunset.

*After the Red Valley visit, our jeep safari tour goes to Ortahisar Castle. Ortahisar Castle is a historical watchtower and is one of the largest rock masses in the region. It is forbidden to go to Ortahisar castle for security reasons, but we take a photo break with a magnificent view of Ortahisar Castle.

*Our jeep safari tour goes to Üzengi Valley after visiting Ortahisar Castle Panoroma. Üzengi Valley is a lush canyon through which a long stream flows. Our jeep safari tour continues along the river in Üzengi Valley until the Ürgüp-Mustafapaşa road.

*After our Üzengi Valley tour, our tour goes to Devrent (Imagination Valley).

-About Devrent Valley (Imagination Valley): A place where the most interesting and fantastic fairy chimneys of Cappadocia are located. Since the fairy chimneys found here are more like animal and human shapes, it was called Dream Valley.

*Lunch: We take a break at the open buffet restaurant for lunch. Drinks taken at meals are paid by the visitors.

*After lunch, we visit the ruins of Pasabag and Zelve.

-Paşabağ Valley is also known as the Valley of the Priests. It is one of the most characteristic places of Cappadocia. There are also important churches in the Pasabag Valley. According to a rumor, this valley was known as the hermitage of monks in ancient times. However, when you set foot in Paşabağ Valley, you realize that this is not actually a rumor. You'll agree that the monks chose the Pasabag Valley as their retreat because it was so quiet and serene. This valley has been known as the hermitage of St. Simeon for about 15 years.

*Our jeep tour continues with a visit to the giant rocky valley where the works of Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers whispering to stone, “Time and Space” are made.

-Time and Space Geoglyph Park (Whispering Rocks): Approximately 3 km southwest of Avanos, there are 13 gigantic structures on the right side of the Nevşehir road. These artifacts were created from giant rocks. The weight of the monoblock basalt columns used in the formation of stone sculptures reaches 30 tons, and the total stone used reaches 11000 tons. The creation of this geoglyph park called “TIME AND SPACE”, which was started in 2007 and completed in 2011, was inspired by Anatolian figures. Sculptures made by Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers, nicknamed "The Man Whisperer to the Universe and Stones", are waiting to be discovered in Cappadocia with their fascinating appearance.

- From here we pass to the campsite. We provide hotel accommodation for those who want to stay at the hotel.


* We get up at the time of the balloons departure in the morning and watch the balloons. There will be a balloon tour for those who want to participate in the balloon tour. (Balloon tour is not included in the price.)

*Breakfast to be taken at the camp. (Breakfast at the hotel for those staying at the hotel) Departure by jeep.

*We are visiting Pancarlık Valley via Ortahisar.

* We pass to Mustafapaşa Town via Pancarlık Valley.

-Information about Mustafapaşa Town: Mustafapaşa, one of the most special settlements of Cappadocia, is 6 km from Ürgüp and 25 km from Nevşehir. The ancient name of Mustafapaşa Village is Sinasos and it is an old Greek village. Mustafapaşa historical mansions, Gomeda Valley and its unique natural texture are places that must be visited in Cappadocia. While Mustafapaşa was a village where Orthodox Greeks lived and there were nearly 700 stone mansions until the population exchange in 1924, the inhabitants of the village were sent to Greece and replaced by the Turkish population. (You can find detailed information about Mustafapaşa in the Frequently Asked Questions section.)

* We are on safari with jeeps throughout the Gomeda Valley. For detailed information about Gomeda Valley, you can visit the "FREQUENTLY ASKED" section.

*We visit the Soğanlı Ruins, passing through the district of Ayvali through Cemil, Taşkınpaşa, Şahinefendi, Derbent, Güzelöz.

-Information on Soganli Ruins: Soğanlı Village, located in the Kayseri-Nigde-Nevşehir triangle, is 15 km from Yeşilhisar town centre. It is located in a valley where rock churches and caves are intertwined with today's houses. The Soğanlı Ruins have been used as a residential area since the Roman Period. Rock Cavities on the valley slopes; The Romans used it as a cemetery, and the Byzantines as a church. Soganli M.S. It has been one of the centers of Christianity in Cappadocia since the 4th century, and continued its importance in the 7th and 8th centuries. Wall frescoes in churches, 10-12 in terms of style. It reflects the centuries. (You can find detailed information about the Soganli ruins in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

*Transportation to Sultansazlığı National Park via Akköy historical village.

- Information About Sultansazlığı National Park: Sultan Marshes, named after the hunting places of the sultans during the Ottoman Empire, is located in the middle of the closed water collection basin between the Develi-Yahyalı-Yeşilhisar districts, which was formed by the elevation of Erciyes. IV of the Ottoman Sultans. Murat stayed here for more than 3 months on his way to the Revan Expedition. During his stay, a way was opened for the feeding of animals in Yayla Lake and a passage to reeds was provided. He took the name of Sultan Marshes due to his services to the Ottoman Army. Sultan Marshes are one of the most important wetlands of our country due to the combination of fresh and salt water ecosystems, which are rare in the steppe ecosystem, the rich biodiversity in the Central Anatolian steppe ecosystem, and the intersection of two main water sources. Bird migration routes between Africa and Europe used by migratory birds in this region. is one.

*Camping in Sultansazlığı: Setting up tents. Dinner at the camp. Dinner, campfire. Rest


*Breakfast at the camp.

*Departing with jeeps, reaching Desert Lake by making a jeep safari around Yay Lake.

- Information About YAY Lake: YAY Lake is a lake located in Kayseri province of Turkey. The volcanic closed basin stretching between Develi-Yahyalı-Yeşilhisar-İncesu districts to the south of Erciyes Mountain is called Sultan Sazlığı-Yay Lake. Erciyes Mountain is important in the formation of the lake. While the volcanic mass rose in the middle of the north-sloping area, the southern parts became a closed basin with no water outlet. The lake is located in the inner parts of the Sultan Marshes, which is 319,000 hectares in size.

*We are taking a photo break at Desert Lake.

- Information About ÇÖL Lake: ÇÖL Lake is an area of 2,450 hectares located in İncesu, Kayseri. It is a region used by our people who grazed their animals and migrated to the plateau in Erciyes before, when they landed in the winter.

*After the Desert Lake visit, we go to Başdere, Akköy with our jeeps. We reach Göreme via Karlık Village and end our tour here.

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  • Insurance
  • Jeep
  • Driver
  • Fuel
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation Camp
  • Accommodation Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • 1 Night Accommodation + Breakfast
  • Accommodation in the Camp + 1 Breakfast
  • Breakfast

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