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Lycian Way Offroad Trail 3Days

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Lycian Way - Offroad Jeep Safari Tour - 3 Days

Duration: 3 Days (Camping)

Price: The specified price is per seat for one person.

Tour Dates: June 1 - July 1 - August 1 - September 1

Number of Participants:

  • Limited to 3 people, excluding the off-road vehicle driver.

  • Private tours can be arranged with 4 or more participants.

  • When there are 4 or more participants, the tour fee is divided among the participants. Accommodation:

  • 2 nights of camping.

  • Tents are shared by 2 people.

  • Participants can stay in a single-person tent by paying an additional fee.

  • Campsite facilities include showers, toilets (WC), and Wi-Fi. Meals:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the package.

  • Beverages (excluding water) are available at an extra cost. Language:

  • The tour is conducted in both Turkish and English.

  • Additional language options can be added for 5 or more participants. Participant Rules:

  • Participants not adhering to the rules and causing discomfort to others may have their tours canceled.

  • Participants whose tours are canceled due to rule violations are not eligible for a refund. Weather Conditions:

  • Tour plans may change depending on weather conditions.

  • The company is not responsible for possible changes or disruptions.

  • Route changes may occur based on changing weather and terrain conditions. OFFROAD Program:

  • Daily 6-hour driving program.

  • Breaks, meals, and other free time are included in this duration.

  • The program may change based on terrain, weather, and road conditions.

  • The off-road tour includes challenging terrain conditions. Participants may encounter nature elements such as mud, rain, and water. Conditions like breakdowns, getting stuck in mud, towing, and water crossing may occur depending on nature and road conditions.

  • Throughout the journey, participants may see national parks, local wildlife, forests, seas, lakes, rivers, and mountains. The roads include trails, mountain roads, rivers, forests, deserts, and national parks.

  • Variable weather conditions may be experienced during the tour. Possible weather conditions include sun, rain, and snow at high altitudes.

  • Participants collaborate as a team to overcome off-road routes in challenging terrain. OFFROAD ROUTES: *Lycian Way - Patara off-road tour route includes Fethiye, Kabak Cove, Alinca, and Patara.

OFFROAD Vehicles and Equipment: Off-road modified, fully equipped vehicles include Nissan Patrol, Land Rover Defender, and Toyota Land Cruiser. The vehicles are equipped with winches, rollover prevention systems, snorkels for water crossings, lift kits, 4-wheel drive systems, detailed lighting projectors, off-road terrain tires, emergency intervention kits, first aid kits, shovels, picks, axes, tying and towing kits, mud recovery devices, and forward and reverse vision systems.

Special Requests and Organizations:

For corporate and group organizations or special tour requests, you can contact company representatives.

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*Kadost JEEP Safari Activity Permit: Nevşehir İKTM. KAZETOUR / 7315

*We are waiting for you to discover Cappadocia with JEEPs. A long journey, a unique experience for adventure and OFFROAD lovers. We visit the Cappadocia Valleys step by step with JEEPS. Join us now.

* It is possible to arrive early or late in our tour programs, 10-15 minutes. The time for the break and photo shooting is included in the tour

* JEEP SAFARI is prohibited in our programs, so the valleys are not entered. Steep ups / downs, risky roads are not included in our tour route. Tour cruise speed is determined by our tour leaders. Our JEEP tours are held on the roads permitted by the authorities.

* Guests between the ages of 14-17 can join the tour. With the consent of the parent and as a passenger.

* Driverless car rental is not available.

* 1JEEP is for 6 people. We use vehicles in captiva, land, nissan patrol, mitsubishi brands.

* Our company is not responsible for valuable items lost during the tour




Lycian Way - Offroad Jeep Safari Tour - 3 Days

Day 1: Fethiye - Kabak Cove

Fethiye: Fethiye, an important city of Ancient Lycia, boasts a rich history dating back to the 5th century BCE. Formerly known as Telmessos in ancient times, this city is famous for its rock tombs and historical remnants. It serves as the starting point of the Lycian Way. Progressing through village and rough terrain roads with our offroad vehicles, we will set up camps along our route without causing harm to nature and the environment.

Kabak Cove: Situated at the beginning of the Lycian Way, this tranquil cove is renowned for its turquoise sea and natural beauty. Kabak Cove marks the starting point of the trails used by people living in the Lycian region during ancient times. In our offroad tour of the Lycian Way, we will have the opportunity to witness the beauty of Kabak Cove.

Day 2: Kabak Cove - Alınca

Offroading from Kabak Cove to Alınca: This offroad route, known for its natural beauty and mountainous landscapes, includes challenging yet breathtaking sections of the Lycian Way. The Alınca region is rich in isolated settlements and natural habitats dating back to the ancient Lycian era. During our offroad 4x4 journey, we will delve into history and visit contemporary villages.

Alınca: Alınca is known for its forested areas and high peaks. This region may contain remnants and historical structures from the Lycian era. As we progress along offroad routes, we will observe these ancient landscapes. We will set up our evening camp in the wilderness once again and prepare our meals at the campsite.

Day 3: Alınca - Patara

From Alınca to Patara: Departing from Alınca on the offroad route, we will reach Patara. In this region, we will encounter ruins from the Roman period and ancient Lycian architecture.

Patara: Patara is known as an important port city during the Roman Empire. It captivates visitors with its ancient theater, remnants of Roman-era baths, and a long sandy golden beach. With a historical background ranging from the Lycian era to the Roman Empire, Patara enchants its visitors.

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