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Camel Trophy Trail in Turkey Full Off-Road Tour - 7 Days - TOUR DETAILS

Duration: 7 Days (Camping)

Price: The specified price is per seat for one person.

Tour Dates: June 10 - July 10 - August 10 - September 10

Number of Participants: Up to 3 people, excluding the off-road vehicle driver. For private tours, a private tour can be organized with 4+ people. When there are 4 or more participants, the tour cost is divided among the participants.

Accommodation: 6 nights of camping. Tents are for 2 people. Participants can stay in a single-person tent by paying an additional fee. Campsite facilities include showers, toilets (wc), and Wi-Fi.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the price. Beverages (excluding water) are subject to an additional charge.

Language: The tour is conducted in Turkish and English. Language options can be added for 5+ participants.

Participant Rules: Participants who do not comply with the rules and disturb other participants may have their tours canceled. Participants whose tours are canceled due to cancellation cannot receive a refund.

Weather Conditions: Tour planning may change depending on weather conditions. Our company is not responsible for possible changes or delays. Changes in the route may be made based on changing weather and terrain conditions.

OFF-ROAD Program: There is a daily 6-hour driving program. Breaks, meals, and other free times are included in this period. The program may change depending on terrain, weather, and road conditions. Off-road tours involve challenging terrain conditions. Throughout the tour, participants may encounter nature elements such as mud, rain, snow, and water. Conditions such as breakdowns, getting stuck in mud, towing, and water intake may occur in vehicles depending on nature and road conditions. During the journey, wild horses, national parks, local wildlife, forests, seas, lakes, rivers, and mountains may be seen. The routes pass through trails, mountain roads, rivers, forests, deserts, and national parks. Variable weather conditions may be experienced during the tour. Possible weather conditions include sun, rain, and snow at high altitudes. Participants work together as a team to overcome off-road routes in challenging terrain conditions.

OFF-ROAD ROUTES: *Our tour route includes Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys - Kayseri Wild Horses - Desert Lake - Sultansazlığı Bird Paradise - Niğde - Aladağlar National Park - Sulucaova 3200m. - Kapuzbaşı Waterfall - Acıman Plateau - Varda Bridge - Kapıkaya Canyon - Taşdurmaz - Belemedik National Park - Bolkar Mountains - Meydan Plateau - Priest's Garden - Boğazpınar - Karasu Creek - through Cehennem Creek. Click the PROGRAM button below for detailed route planning. (Route Planning: Nedim Urcan)

OFF-ROAD Vehicles and Equipment: Off-road modified, fully equipped vehicles include Nissan Patrol, Land Rover Defender, and Toyota Land Cruiser. Vehicles are equipped with winches, anti-roll systems, snorkels for water crossings, lift kits, 4WD systems, detailed lighting projectors, off-road terrain tires, emergency intervention kit, first aid kit, shovel, shovel, axe set, tying and towing kit, mud rescue apparatus, and forward and reverse viewing systems.

Special Requests and Organizations: For your corporate and group organization and special tour requests, you can contact company representatives.

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*Kadost JEEP Safari Activity Permit: Nevşehir İKTM. KAZETOUR / 7315

*We are waiting for you to discover Cappadocia with JEEPs. A long journey, a unique experience for adventure and OFFROAD lovers. We visit the Cappadocia Valleys step by step with JEEPS. Join us now.

* It is possible to arrive early or late in our tour programs, 10-15 minutes. The time for the break and photo shooting is included in the tour

* JEEP SAFARI is prohibited in our programs, so the valleys are not entered. Steep ups / downs, risky roads are not included in our tour route. Tour cruise speed is determined by our tour leaders. Our JEEP tours are held on the roads permitted by the authorities.

* Guests between the ages of 14-17 can join the tour. With the consent of the parent and as a passenger.

* Driverless car rental is not available.

* 1JEEP is for 6 people. We use vehicles in captiva, land, nissan patrol, mitsubishi brands.

* Our company is not responsible for valuable items lost during the tour




"7 Days in the Footsteps of CAMEL TROPHY - Off-Road Trans Route and Program

Day 1

We start our journey from Göreme with fully-equipped off-road vehicles, heading to Sultan Marshes natural protection area via dirt roads. After a thrilling drive following the tracks of wild horses, we turn our direction towards Aladağlar National Park, climbing a challenging stage to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view. In the evening, we share our experiences around the fire at Karayalak Camp.

Day 2

After Karayalak Camp, we have a short drive to Arplalık Plateau. If we're lucky, we may spot the bustard and mountain goats in the wild as we proceed to Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls through Sulucaova. This passage is at an altitude of 3200 meters, making it Turkey's highest mountain pass. We spend the night next to Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, the world's highest waterfall in terms of flow altitude.

Day 3

Following Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, our route takes us through Acıman Plateau to Kapıkaya Canyon and then to the famous Varda Bridge. Here, we witness the real location where James Bond filmed a scene in Turkey.

Day 4

Amidst the breathtaking cliffs and unique beauty of the historical Taşdurmaz Road, we drive through Belemedik Nature Park and ascend again towards the heights of the Bolkar Mountains. Our camp awaits us in Meydan Plateau. We may say hello to Rana Holtzi, the only frog species in the world that doesn't croak. It won't answer, but perhaps it will wink.

Day 5

Leaving Meydan Plateau to the wild horses, we embark on a long drive on a large plateau above 3000 meters. Being in one of the most incredible landscapes of our adventure will be a unique experience. In the evening, we find ourselves in a delightful campsite surrounded by trees and water at Papazın Bahçesi.

Day 6

On the 6th day, we temporarily leave our off-road vehicles in the village of Boğazpınar and immerse ourselves in cool waters, crossing the canyon of Karasu River. After the crossing, a delightful surprise awaits us.

Day 7

On the final day of our adventure, we cross Cehennem Dere and head to Ereğli from Boğazpınar. We bid farewell to our off-road vehicles here and, after a two-hour minibus journey, reach our hotels.

General Information About the Tour Route

Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys: Cappadocia is a region famous for its unique geography, and one of the distinctive features that make this region special is the "Fairy Chimneys." These rock formations are the result of the erosion of soft tuff rocks by wind and rain, creating interesting and diverse shapes. Over time, these fairy chimneys have formed a unique landscape, making the region a globally recognized tourist destination.

Kayseri Wild Horses: While Kayseri is home to Turkey's historical treasures, the Wild Horses are one of the natural beauties of the region. Known as wild horses roaming freely in vast plains, the Wild Horses provide an opportunity for visitors to trace the footsteps of a natural life. The observed Wild Horses in this region are a symbol of a unique ecosystem.

Desert Lake: Located in the Inner Anatolia region of Turkey, Desert Lake gets its name from the extensive sandy areas around it. This region is a paradise for bird watchers, offering a peaceful atmosphere and stunning scenery with the surrounding vegetation. Desert Lake, with its serene atmosphere and unique landscape, attracts nature enthusiasts.

Sultansazlığı Bird Paradise: Sultansazlığı Bird Paradise is one of Turkey's most important wetland areas, located in the Eastern Anatolia Region. This area hosts various bird species and provides an excellent destination for birdwatchers. Reeds, ponds, and wetlands make it an ideal spot for bird observation.

Aladağlar National Park: Situated in the south of Turkey, in the provinces of Niğde and Kayseri, Aladağlar National Park is a haven for nature lovers with its high mountains and rich flora and fauna. Aladağlar is famous for its challenging routes and peaks ideal for mountaineering and trekking.

Sulucaova: After Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, our route takes us through Acıman Plateau to Kapıkaya Canyon, and then to the famous Varda Bridge. Here, we witness the real location where James Bond filmed a scene in Turkey.

Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls (Kayseri): A natural gem among Kayseri's attractions, Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls captivate visitors with their cool waters and impressive scenery. Unlike Bolu, this natural wonder belongs to Kayseri, providing a magnificent nature experience for visitors throughout the year. Picnic areas around the waterfall, rich flora, and fauna make Kapuzbaşı a peaceful escape.

Acıman Plateau: Located amidst the natural beauty of Yahyalı - Adana, Acıman Plateau appeals not only to those who want to listen to the sounds of nature but also to trekking and camping enthusiasts. The high-altitude plateau, with its fresh air and breathtaking views, is an ideal retreat for those looking to escape city life. It awaits exploration with its lush greenery and nature walk routes.

Varda Bridge: A historical monument dating back to the Ottoman period, Varda Bridge reflects the cultural heritage of Kayseri. Captivating visitors with its architectural elegance and charm accumulated over time, the bridge promises history enthusiasts a journey into the past. The Varda (German) Bridge has been connecting Central Anatolia to the South for more than 100 years and is also featured in the early scenes of the James Bond Skyfall movie. After the bridge, a road opens to Kapıkaya Canyon.

Kapıkaya Canyon: Kapıkaya Canyon is located in the village of Kapıkaya in the Karaisalı district of Adana province. The canyon is formed by Çakıt Stream, one of the branches of the Seyhan River. Çakıt Stream is the western branch of the Seyhan River, extending towards mountainous areas from the Pozantı Strait. The canyon is 2 km away from Varda Bridge.

Taşdurmaz (Çakır Stream): The breathtaking cliffs and unique beauty of the historical Taşdurmaz Road accompany us as we drive through Belemedik Nature Park and climb again towards the heights of the Bolkar Mountains. Our camp awaits us in Meydan Plateau. We can say hello to Rana Holtzi, the only frog species in the world that doesn't croak. It won't answer, but perhaps it will wink.

Belemedik National Park: Belemedik National Park is a natural wonder located in the southern part of Turkey. Situated within the borders of Mersin province, this national park is famous for its rich biological diversity and natural beauty. The park, with its vast forested areas, ecosystems hosting endemic plant species, and unique fauna diversity, stands out. The park also features fantastic paths through nature, allowing visitors to enjoy and witness unparalleled views. Additionally, Belemedik National Park is an excellent choice for birdwatching enthusiasts, with its natural ponds and streams providing a memorable experience for nature lovers.

Bolkar Mountains: Located in the southern part of Turkey, especially in the provinces of Mersin, Karaman, and Niğde, the Bolkar Mountains are known for their high peaks, plateaus, and rich flora. Attracting the interest of mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts, this region offers unique landscapes and natural beauties waiting to be explored. The region, where Kadost organized an off-road tour for the first time, has transportation consisting of mountain roads and high altitudes. The Bolkar Mountains experience heavy snowfall during the winter months.

Meydan Plateau: Located 6 kilometers from Aladağ District, the plateau is reached by a stabilized road. The plateau, situated at an altitude of 1700 meters, is surrounded by juniper, pine, cedar trees, and orchards. Meydan Plateau is famous for its visual feast, with lush forests and natural beauties. Transportation through forest and mountain roads continues on dirt paths.

Papazın Bahçesi: Papazın Bahçesi is located within the Kadıncık Valley National Park in Mersin. It got its name from the priest Joseph, who lived here during World War I. This area is also known as the Priest's Vineyard. It is said that he got lost during a severe flood, and the ruins of his house are also located here. Various boiling springs, centuries-old plane trees, and a waterfall created by the streams flowing into the Kadıncık River add an extraordinary atmosphere to the area.

Boğazpınar: Boğazpınar is connected to the Tarsus district of Mersin. It is 85 km from Adana and 60 km from Tarsus. The altitude is 750 meters. Boğazpınar off-road paths are forested and have stream crossings on narrow paths.

Karasu Stream: Karasu Canyon is located within the borders of Boğazpınar Village in the Tarsus district of Mersin. It is 57 km away from Tarsus and 85 km from Mersin. Karasu Waterfall, an unique beauty formed by the explosion of spring waters within the canyon of the same name, can be witnessed here. You can see a river coming out of the mountain, witnessing nature events where the waterfall in the canyon, surrounded by plane trees and other plants, and the narrowing canyon obstruct the view of the sky. You feel like you have come to a completely different world, far away from the real world.

Cehennem Stream: Cehennem Stream is a natural formation located in the southeastern part of Turkey. It gets its name from the high temperatures it reaches during hot summer months, believed to be like "Hell." This stream is famous for its natural springs, waterfalls, and canyons. Cehennem Stream is a fantastic destination for adventure seekers and nature sports enthusiasts."

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